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Who am I ?

There are some called Muhammad. Even only in Bangladesh. Before, my name was Abu Taher – and I only existed under this name once. But this is another story.

What is true then as now: I am a designer and developer. To be precise, I solve people's problems thus and so that they get a smile on their face afterward look more beautiful than before or perform not like before. Maybe more practical to use. Websites, user interfaces, apps, and things like that. Some think I'm totally creative and just one of those people; who make everything they put their hands on stunning. I see myself more as a problem solver who lives out his trained profession as a web developer with ambition and still wants to learn more today. I'm more of a freethinker than a web developer. But that's just terminology anyway.

What I have learned

After completing junior high school, I started learning web development while continuing my school. After gaining enough skillset began my apprenticeship in a small digital studio in the middle of the beautiful Sylhet in Bangladesh. I had great seniors like Saidul Islam(CEO of Freelancerlab) brother and Arif uncle, who trained my vision and taught me how to make things innovative and legible.

UI/UX - HTML5 - CSS3 - Javascript - PHP - MySQL - Node.js - React.js - Next.js - MondoDB - GSAP - Strapi - GraphQL - Wordpress - etc.


I then worked with various people/agencies. During these years, in addition to great mentors and orders, a highlight was Muhammad Abdullah, for whom I was allowed to be a web developer myself. We still work together today on various freelance projects, but Abdullah has long been in the fast lane.

What else do I do?

In addition to workload, I enjoy attending webinars and meetings on web design and development or helping out my buddies by solving their problems on the Discord server.


Front-end Engineer

Ferne Health

2022 - Current

Junior Web Developer


2020 - 2021

Web Developer


2019 - 2020

Freelance Developer


2018 - Current

Education & Certification

Complete Web Development

Programming Hero


Computer Science & Engineering

Leadign University

2021 - Current


British Council